We Need to Talk

Dear Boston Families, 

I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to those who responded to my message last week about doing more to confront and fight racism — especially if you look like me.  Many of you wrote back asking what you could do as a white person. I have been asking myself the same question.

What I have learned is that anti-racist conversations need to take place in our homes and classrooms. They matter. These conversations must be as important to white families as they are to African American families and to all families of color. Once these conversations start, they need to continue on a regular basis. As white people, we must take on this work recognizing that we are late to this fight, and that our black and brown neighbors are weary from fighting their entire lives.

If you don’t feel comfortable prompting conversations about race and racism, here are some resources to help.

In closing, I once again write with humility knowing that I have not done enough and I must do more as a white person to be antiracist and to aid in the work towards systemic change. 


John R. Connolly