An Intersection

Dear Black Bostonians,

The place where the impact of COVID-19 and the reality of ongoing racial violence against Black Americans intersects is an abyss of systemic injustice and far-reaching trauma.

With coronavirus, we find ourselves and our loved ones being disproportionately affected by the contraction of the virus; on the front lines of the essential workforce; and in the all-too-familiar accounts of medical practitioners not taking our symptoms seriously until it is too late.

In headlines and hashtags, there is a new name to memorize and an unjust instance to familiarize ourselves with with increasing frequency, whether it’s every few days or every couple of weeks. I have grieved and laid Breonna Taylor to rest in my heart but it seems there is no rest or peace to be had for the young first responder’s memory because the arch of justice does not appear to be bending in her direction.

Among these realities, I hope you are finding space for yourself. I trust you are monitoring your mental health and the well-being of those close to you. In the spirit of wellness and mindfulness for Black folks, we share this graphic as a reminder tool to take care of yourself. There is work to be done and justice to rally for. To do the work, you must be in good health in order to stand in your truth, exercise your vote, and share your voice during this time and in the journey ahead of us.

Be Well,

Vernée Wilkinson
SchoolFacts Boston