When Talking About Race, Words Matter

Dear White Bostonians,

Words matter, as do the definitions of these words.

As SchoolFacts Boston continues to emphasize the need for white people to begin conversations on race — and to keep these conversations going, whether they take place at home, in our schools, at work, or in all of these settings — we wanted to share some key definitions for context and guidance.

The accompanying infographic delves into a handful of key terms that are essential for greater understanding. What does it mean to be antiracist, or to fill the role as an ally or an accomplice? How can we work to understand the historic roots of anti-Blackness, which identifies a distinct form of racism toward Black people, and how this racism specifically impacts Black men, women, and children each and every day, whether they are in the workplace, a classroom, or involved in a traffic stop with police.

As an organization focused on education and families, we believe knowing these definitions — and prompting and participating in conversations that include them — can build a bridge to greater understanding and to a stronger, more authentic community.

Our own antiracist work as an organization will continue, and we appreciate the feedback, pushback, and support you provide when we share these messages. As I continue to learn, this is an ongoing journey, one that involves necessary dialogue.

I hope you’ll continue to remain on this journey with us.

Stay well,

John R. Connolly
SchoolFacts Boston

P.S. Look for our latest update on school reopening next week.