Strategic Planning Project

Organization Overview
SchoolFacts Boston (SFB) is a non-profit organization based in Boston.

Vision: SFB envisions a city where the voice of all families drives the direction of Boston’s schools.

Mission and What We Do: SFB connects Boston families to each other and to essential information on education issues that matter most to them. SFB performs this work in three ways:
1. Providing fact-based, unbiased information on education issues to families across Boston.
2. Convening families to discuss, listen, and learn about Boston education issues.
3. Creating opportunities for Boston families to become leading voices on education issues in

Project Description
SFB is seeking a consultant who can support the development of a 3-year Strategic Plan. The consultant will work closely with SFB’s co-Founder, Executive Director, Director of Family Advisory Board, and Director of Family Organizing (SFB Senior Staff) between January 2021 and June 2022. The consultant will be responsible for management of the strategic planning process, for providing key analytical and strategic insights, and for the principle drafting and delivery of key documents.

Consultant Responsibilities
● Work in conjunction with SFB Senior Staff to design the strategic planning process within the designated timeline (January 2021 – June 2022).
● Serve as the project manager to ensure the strategic planning process is executed effectively and key deliverables are met on time while working in conjunction with SFB Senior Staff.
● Draft and deliver a 3-year Strategic Plan with accompanying 3-year budget and metrics to measure success and effectiveness for implementing the 3-year Strategic Plan.
● Draft and deliver a deck with an overview of the 3-year Strategic Plan.
● Draft and deliver an SFB Pitch Deck for potential funders and partners.

● Experience developing strategic plans for small non-profit organizations.
● Experience with and understanding of race and equity dynamics and breaking systemic constructs as it relates to supporting and cultivating leadership of color within a non-profit organization and in terms of working with and empowering the voices of families of color.
● Ability to challenge SFB leadership and key stakeholders while maintaining a constructive environment for soliciting input and feedback.
● Individuals of color and firms owned/led by people of color are strongly encouraged to apply.

Guiding Questions
1. How can SFB increase the impact of its work in Boston?
2. How can SFB sustain its impact in Boston over time?
3. What should future success for SFB look like in the short-term and long-term?
● Assess the current state of SFB.

○ Has SFB performed its mission effectively over the past three years?
○ What are SFB’s strengths and weaknesses as an organization?
○ What is SFB doing well presently?
○ What is SFB not doing well presently?
○ Are SFB’s vision, mission, and work aligned properly and do they remain appropriate for the future?

● Recommend goals, objectives, and strategy for SFB over the next 3 years.

○ What are realistic goals and objectives to perform SFB’s mission and improve
SFB’s effectiveness over the next 3 years?
○ What should the underlying strategies be to meet the goals and objectives over
the next 3 years?
○ What does SFB need from a structural, staffing, and budgetary standpoint to
meet the goals and objectives over the next 3 years?
○ What, how, and when should SFB measure success in meeting its goals and
objectives over the next 3 years?

● Work with a SFB Senior Staff and 1-2 individuals designated by select SFB partners to
review, revise, build consensus, and finalize recommended goals and objectives for the
next three years.

○ Draft 3-year Strategic Plan with accompanying projected budget and metrics for
measuring success and effectiveness.
○ Draft Deck with Strategic Plan Overview.
○ Draft SFB Pitch Deck for prospective funders and partners.

● Support SFB Senior Staff in presenting the 3-year Strategic Plan to the Board of Directors
and Family Advisory Board for approval.


How to Apply
Please send an email with your resume, two references, and any relevant examples of prior work to John Connolly at